What You'll Need: Materials and Tools

NOTE: Second video in the queue is closed-captioned.

What You Will Need: Materials and Tools

Note: A list of these materials and tools is in the downloadable pdf file.


For this course, you will need the following materials:

• Bullseye White 113 sheet glass for the base layer— the blue and red pieces started out on a piece about 7 x 5 inches, and the muted colors piece was about 7 x 10.

• Bullseye Tekta clear sheet glass

• Bullseye colored transparent sheet glass

• Bullseye glass powders — usually transparents, but I do use the occasional opal color mixed with clear.

• Plasticware for sorting clear and colored glass

• Bullseye adhesive: I like to mix pink GlasTac with blue GlasTac Gel.

• Condiment or yogurt cups for mixing powders

• Powder sifter(s)

• Small paintbrush for sweeping up spilled powder

• Inexpensive printer paper for collecting overspill powder

• Face mask

• Plastic spoon for scooping and mixing powders

• Optional marker and paper for sketching out ideas

• Smart phone or camera to document your progress

A note about glass:

For these videos I cut tiles of clear and colored glass to fit my projects and they were always squares or rectangles. You can definitely use smaller scraps, circles, irregular shapes, and whatever is handy for these projects. You will be building stacks, so the larger pieces go on the bottom and get smaller as you add to the pile. Feel free to experiment. You will probably be using more clear glass than colored, although that depends on the artist and the project.


Basic glass tools:

• Wheel cutter (I do not use oil on my cutter.)

• Running pliers

• Mosaic nippers

• Kilnwashed shelf

• Glass kiln

• Morton board if desired


The pieces in this course were finished in a cold shop. The equipment used:

• Tile saw

• Diamond flat wheel grinder

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