We don't always love reactions.

Did you ever get a reaction in your work and think, Wow, I wish that hadn't happened? Do you feel like unwanted reactions are just an unavoidable, frustrating part of working in fused glass? We're sharing a super-smart method from Kat that will help you control reactions you'd rather not see in your work, without adding volume and spread.

This video is quick: just a few minutes long. Don't even bother with the popcorn because you won't have time to eat it before it's over.

Enjoy this free little video!

Meet Your Instructor, Kim Brill

Kim Brill has been making acclaimed kilnformed glass since 2005. A resident of Austin, TX, Kim began developing online glass tutorials after a long career as an art director and graphic designer. Her work has won an honorable mention at Bullseye's Emerge international juried competition, and has appeared in The Corning Museum of Glass international publication New Glass Review.

You can see her work at www.FusedArtGlassByKimBrill.com

We are proud to use Bullseye Glass exclusively in our tutorials and our personal work.